Call for Publicly Offered Research proposal

We are calling for projects that will conduct quantitative measurement and analysis of mechanical forces by incorporating and inventing new methods from physics and chemistry.

In addition, we expect research teams to investigate the physiological functions of mechanics by manipulating forces within cells and tissues while employing theoretical analyses.

We seek publicly-offered projects that will investigate a wide range of mechanical self-organization events.

The projects will be expected to not only complement and strengthen the planned research groups, but also to take up the challenge of establishing unique systems and innovative techniques to further accelerate the overall research aims.

Application Procedures forKAKENHI from JSPS

Announcement of Publicly Offered Research Online Briefing Session

For those who are intrested in applying publicly-offered projects in this research area, we will organize two briefing sessions via Zoom to explain our planned research projects and answer questions from the audience. Please make advance registration with below link.

First session: 2022. Sep. 9th(Fri) 16:00-17:00
Second session: 2022. Sep. 16th(Fri) 16:00-17:00
Zoom Info
Meeting ID: 699 308 5767
Passcode: FMYNSK

For inquiries

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