Hidehiko Hashimoto

  • PI
Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University
Assistant professor
Research Areas
Developmental biology, Cell biology
Actomyosin, multicellular movements, cell-cell adhesions, neural tube closure, ascidian

Related Outline

I love observing dynamic multicellular movements, and I am always looking for fascinating cell movements in development.
I also love camping, snowboarding, scuba diving, listening to music, and eating ramen.


Hidehiko completed his doctoral degree at Osaka university in 2011, for his work on understanding mechanisms of loss of competence to responding to inductive signal for ascidian notochord induction in the laboratory of Dr. Hiroki Nishida. He did his postdoctoral work with Dr. Edwin Munro at University of Chicago working on elucidating mechanical basis for zippering and neural tube closure in ascidian embryos. He was appointed as Assistant Professor in the laboratory of Dr. Takeo Horie at Osaka university, Frontier Biological Sciences in 2022.

Representative Achievements

  • Differential expression of a classic Cadherin directs tissue-level contractile asymmetry during neural tube closure
    Hidehiko Hashimoto, Edwin Munro.
    Developmental Cell
  • Sequential contraction and exchange of apical junctions drives zippering and neural tube closure in a simple chordate
    Hidehiko Hashimoto, Francois Robin, Kristin Sherrard, Edwin Munro.
    Developmental Cell