Hirokazu Tanimoto

  • Co-PI
Yokohama City University
Associate Professor
Research Areas
Cellular dynamics, Force measurement

Related Outline

Our research aims to elucidate physical principles underlying cell-scale biological dynamics. We are currently interested in the mechanical aspects of intracellular structural organizations and performing direct measurement of the forces driving the processes.


Hirokazu completed his doctoral degree at the University of Tokyo in 2012. He then did his postdoctoral works at the University of Tokyo and Institute Jaques Monod. He joined Yokohama City University as a principal investigator in 2018.

Representative Achievements

    • Physical forces determining persistency and centering precision of microtubule asters
      Hirokazu Tanimoto, Jeremy Salle, Louise Dudin, and Nicolas Minc
      Nature Physics (2018)
    • Spatially different tissue-scale diffusivity shapes ANGUSTIFOLIA3 gradient in growing leaves
      Kensuke Kawade, Hirokazu Tanimoto, Goro Horiguchi, and Hirokazu Tsukaya
      Biophysical Journal (2017)
    • Shape-motion relationships of centering microtubule asters
      Hirokazu Tanimoto, Akatsuki Kimura, and Nicolas Minc
      The Journal of Cell Biology (2016)
    • A simple force-motion relation for migrating cells revealed by multipole analysis of traction stress
      Hirokazu Tanimoto and Masaki Sano
      Biophysical Journal (2014)
    • Dynamics of traction stress field during cell division
      Hirokazu Tanimoto and Masaki Sano
      Physical Review Letters (2012)