Hiroyasu Motose

  • PI
Graduate School of Environmental, Life, Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University
Associate Professor
Research Areas
Plant cell biology
Polar growth, Posture control, Mechanical feedback, tensile stress, Microtubule

Related Outline

I was born in Matsumoto, moved from place to place, and grew up mainly in Aomori, so I love the countryside and nature. I was fascinated by the beauty of plant cells in the culture system I encountered during my graduation research. I was really surprised by the flexible differentiation ability, the beautiful geometric morphology, and the cell wall and cytoskeleton, which are robust but dynamic during plant growth and development. Currently, I am interested in how plants recognize direction and control their own shape, and how they organize and assemble cellular organization, which shows tremendous beauty under a microscope. I am also more than a little interested in marathons and Japanese sake. It is a curious coincidence, but I will devote myself to science with all my heart and love.


I have graduated from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, and then entered and received the Ph. D. in the Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo. After that, I have the scientific career in the following order: postdoctoral fellowships at RIKEN Plant Science Center and University of California, Davis, Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo (2005-2008), Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University (2009-2012), and Associate Professor leading own research group since 2013.

Representative Achievements

  • Plant specific armadillo repeat kinesin directs organelle transport and microtubule convergence to promote tip growth.
    Kanda A, Otani K, Takahashi T, Motose H
  • Overexpression of NIMA-related kinase suppresses cell proliferation and tip growth in a liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.
    Mase H, Yoshitake Y, Kohchi T, Takahashi T, Motose H
  • Microtubule response to tensile stress is curbed by NEK6 to buffer growth variation in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl.
    Takatani S, Verger S, Okamoto T, Takahashi T, Hamant O, Motose H (2020) 30, 1491-1503
    Current Biology
  • An evolutionarily conserved NIMA-related kinase directs rhizoid tip growth in the basal land plant Marchantia polymorpha
    Otani K, Ishizaki K, Nishihama R, Takatani S, Kohchi T, Takahashi T, Motose H
  • Directional cell expansion requires NIMA-related kinase 6 (NEK6)-mediated cortical microtubule destabilization
    Takatani S, Ozawa S, Yagi N, Hotta T, Hashimoto T, Takahashi Y, Takahashi T, Motose H
    Scientific Reports